Saturday, April 3, 2010

LOTS of stuff to take note of!

True LOVE Waits. Purity Rings. They're IN!!! And I think they look even more awesome in person!  So far I only ordered for those who gave me their "for sure." (Chris, Isaac, Ashley, Michaela, Brooke, Katie, Marissa.) If you would like to get involved in this and would like a ring ordered for you, let me know within the next few days--and they should still be in by Sunday April 11th for our little mini ceremony and purity covenant signing. 

Also, the cost is $25 per ring! We do have limited funds to help with the cost of these rings, but if you and your parents are able to cover the majority of the cost, that would be fantastic! Please have the money turned in by April 11th. 

Dating Series. We brought our dating series to a close after last week's small group discussions--with the exception of the purity ring ceremony April 11th. However, this issue can be addressed at any time! Feel free to bring it up in youth group or by leaving a message (anonymous if you want!) on the blog! We love to (try to) answer your questions! 

Easter Sunday. is TOMORROW!  Bring your family and friends!  Complimentary breakfast at 9:30am. Easter Egg hunt for the kids at 10:00am. And service at 11:00am. (No youth group tomorrow. We will resume April 11th with the purity ring ceremony and a great look into the death and resurrection of Christ--post Easter.)

Star Wars Marathon. This is going to be a great opportunity to bring all of your friends--especially those who might not want to come to "youth group." Come out at 5pm Monday April 5th. Bring lots of food to share! Bring your sleeping bags and pjs and any games or movies you'd like!  Spend the night and wake up to Melanie's fresh cinnamon rolls!  Then start up on part 2 of the Star Wars Marathon.  

Note: while the Star Wars movies will be showing for the duration of this purely-for-fun event, there are many other options--the fun is up to you! Ping pong, foosball, other movies in the upstairs living room, a HUGE collection of games, and more! 

LifeChangers '10. Though our summer mission trip to LifeChangers Detroit is still months away (July 17-24), we need to register with a $25 deposit (or the full $150) per person by MAY 1st. I'm going to be needing to know who is for sure for this event within the next few weeks. So be praying and thinking and talking to your parents

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