Monday, April 26, 2010

Bible Quizzing Newbies

If you haven't already checked out the previous post on Bible Quizzing, you should head over here to do so.

Those entering grades 6-12 who are interested in Bible Quizzing should definitely plan on attending our last two Bible Quiz Practices of the year. Come to the parsonage Wednesday @7pm (April 28 & May 5) to see what practices are all about (no stress, very fun & relaxed!

We will need to know by Wednesday May 12th who is definitely going to be Bible Quizzing over the book of John in the fall. Please consider this a dedicated commitment of your time. 
  • We will not have practices over the summer but a study schedule and listening cds and quizzing portions (the book of John) will be provided so you can get a jump start! 
    • NEW quizzers will need to memorize 5 of the "quote verses" over the summer.
    • RETURNING quizzers (along with Kevin and Melanie) will be memorizing ALL of the quote verses over the summer.
    • "Quote verses" are one of THE MOST important parts of quizzing. These verses are  not chosen at random, but because of their distinct ability to apply to your life now and in the future. Being able to recall Scripture verses in times of sharing your faith or in times of trouble or joy is an essential part (and a wonderful part) of being a true follower of Christ.
  • You will be expected to attend each weekly Bible Quiz practice on Wednesdays from 7-8pm. 
    • we will have a time of devotional and study based on the chapters we are studying for that week--this will help us understand what we learning. 
    • we will spend time practicing "jumping" techniques, prejumping skills, quoting "quote verses," answering practice questions, and having LOTS of fun along the way--all in an effort to prepare for the monthly quiz.
  • Monthly quizzes take place (typically) the 2nd Saturday of the month and go from 8:30am-4pm. Many months require a long (2-4 hours) drive so we may have overnight quiz weekends. 
  • Bible quizzing is meant to be a fun, competitive way to learn the Word of God. If you do not have a desire to dedicate your time to "Hide God's Word in your heart" (Ps 119: 11) then Bible Quizzing is probably not for you. Studying is to be done on your own--using your Bible portion, your listening cd, and any other study methods you would like to employ.
We are really looking forward to a new season of quizzing and hope to form at least one new team of quizzers! If you or your parents have any questions about this program, please contact Kevin or Melanie!

Benefits of Quizzing:
  1. It develops great study skills that will benefit students in school and in their future endeavors. 
  2. You get the chance to travel to new citities (possibly to Seattle next year for Nationals).
  3. You make lots of new friends--many of whom may become college classmates of you choose to attend an FM school like Spring Arbor Unversity. 
  4. FM university scholarships are available for top quizzers at the regional and national levels. 
  5. Achieving awards and ribbons and trophies encourages continued commitment. 
  6. It's a great family activity--study together!
  7. Quizzers gain confidence--especially at public speaking as they answer questions in front of their peers and the quiz masters. 
  8. Sunday school lessons and Pastors' sermons become even more affective when you already know the material. 
  9. Competition is exciting--win or lose!
  10. Quizzers learn to set goals and work as a team--you can't win if you're letting one person do all the work. 
  11. You grow spiritually by regularly practicing the discipline of memorizing Scripture.

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