Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Voting:: yours matters!

If you weren't with us on Sunday then you missed out! We had some really awesome and intense discussions and debates over whether a person can believe in God and evolution at the same time...and then we ended off with a debate on abortion in the case of a rape. I told you it was intense!

The point of these conversations are to get you guys thinking. Everyone lives in their own little "bubble" of established beliefs, but we feel that everyone should also be challenged in their beliefs and learn of the other beliefs that exist. If you're having a conversation with an atheist or a Wiccan or an evolutionist, your opposition will be much more reception and respectful of your opinions when you make an effort to understand what they believe to be true. THEY have thought it through. Shouldn't you???

As we mentioned on Sunday, we want youth group to be a place where you can learn and discover issues that YOU are most interested in. What topics are most important to you? What do you wish you understood about the Bible? or about the origins of the Christian church? or about the opposite sex? Or about how to have real faith? Or how to explain your beliefs to your friend who just lost her dad to cancer? See???? Our topics for learning and discussion could be anything and everything!

So....let's do some voting! Give us your opinions. List one thing or twelve things. But they must be things YOU want to learn about.

possible topics might include:
church history
world religions (Islam, Buddhism, etc. or your choice!)
other church denominations (Jehovah's Witness, etc.)
Bible Study (any specifics of YOUR choosing--book studies or topic studies; Ezekiel, creatures spoken of in the OT., etc)
controversial topics (abortion, gay rights, genetic alterations, etc.)
teen issues (dating, peer pressure, sex, etc.)

ps. we're hoping to have the bonfire this next Sunday but either way we ARE having youth group. at 5:30. on Sunday, August 2nd.

pps. due to lack of interest, lack of transportation and the upcoming craziness of VBS week, we are going to cancel the trip to the Fest. Sorry guys. But here's the cool part. What if we have a great bonfire and possibly an over-nighter on the 8th? Then go to church on the 9th. :D thoughts on that?

ppps. bible quizzing needs to get underway quickly. Does sunday school time (9:50 on Sundays) work for those of you who want to quiz? Unless we decide on a different practice schedule come THIS SUNDAY to start practicing/preparing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

We need to hear from YOU on lots of cool Stuff!

It was so good to be back together last night! We missed those of you who couldn't make it. I have a few important items that you are definitely going to want to pay attention to and write down and talk to your parents and make some decisions. :)

1. Bible Quizzing is going to be starting pretty much NOW. Come to Sunday School (9:50am) next Sunday to make sure you're in on all the action. We'll be working on memorizing (and hopefully understanding) First & Second Corinthians.

The commitment of becoming a Bible quizzer (open to anyone in 7th-12th grade) includes:
-weekly quiz team practice (at the church. during Sunday School. every Sunday.)
-a minimum of 15 minutes per day of studying on your own time.
-one Saturday per month at a Bible Quiz (held at another Free Methodist Church in Southern Michigan...leaving around 7am that Saturday and returning around 4-5pm)

If you or your parents are interested in knowing more info either talk to Kevin or myself or check out this website: http://www.fmquizzing.org/

Let us know ASAP if you are definitely up for this challenge and competition!
The following people have said "YES":
Katie, Chris K, and Devon.

I have heard a "maybe" from: Chris F., Brittany F., Megan and Shelby.

2. The FEST is coming up quickly! Join us for a drive to Eastern Ohio (about 3 hours away) on Saturday August 8th. Official departure time to be announced later. We will spend the night hanging out at Melanie's parents' house. Then Sunday is the FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! concert from noon until 8pm. We will then drive home and return to the church around 11pm (or possibly earlier).
It IS free but you will want to bring $10-20 for a meal or two at fast food as well as any band merchandise you might want to buy!

Again, I need to hear from you ASAP if you're coming for sure. I know Chris K, John, Katie, Megan and Devon are definitely coming. If I'm wrong about that list let me know and if you want your name on that "for sure" list let me know!

3. The day after the Fest begins Vacation Bible School:: Crocodile Dock at Monroe FMC. August 10-14 from 6-8:30pm every night!
We need YOUR help (leading groups of kids, helping with games, helping with snacks, helping with music, etc, etc, etc.) and we want YOU to bring lots of kids (ages 4 through grade 6) to come to attend this FREE VBS!

Come to church next Sunday (at 9:45 for Quizzing practice) and stay after church for a really quick meeting about working at VBS!

4. Nevercast is coming to Monroe FMC! August 21st they are putting on a great concert for us and every single one of our friends! The concert tickets cost $5 in advance and $10 at the door and ALL of the money earned will go directly into our Jamaica Missions Trip fundraising pot!


Ask Chris Kaufman for more information!

5. this message is for GIRLS ONLY: (don't worry, guys, you will get your chance too!)

I would love to plan a girls only overnight some time soon. I'm wanting to know what night would be best for you! Before school starts, after school starts?

You can come spend the evening with each other and with Melanie doing things girls do best. :D I plan on finding some great dvds that will give us some great time to discuss issues that you are dealing with in real life and don't worry there will be plenty of laughs, fun games and movies, and tons of good sleepover food!

Monday, July 6, 2009

1. volunteers needed! Jill (Devon's mom) is coordinating a car wash to help raise money to send Miss Wheelchair Michigan to the National Competition. Where do you come in? She needs you guys to help wash cars!!! here are the details:

when? Saturday, July 18th from 1-4pm
where? Monroe Home Care Shoppe (474 N. Telegraph Rd.)

Will you be there to help out?!!! This will be a great way to use your service gifts as well as to get the hang of washing cars for a possible Youth Group Jamaica Missions Trip car wash later this summer! (Unfortunately, I can't be at Jill's car wash as I'm going to be at a Women's Conference in Cleveland, OH..but I really hope we can depend on you guys to help!)

2. There is NO youth group this Sunday, July 12th! (We'll be at family camp at Somerset Beach!)

3. Church Picnic @ Somerset Beach THIS Sunday, July 12th at 2pm. It'd be sweet to see you out there!

4. There will be Youth Group on Sunday night, July 19th! See you THEN! (or if you come out to SBC at all during Family Camp--7/11-7/18--we'll see you there!)

5. We need help with ideas for advertising the NeverCast benefit concert that will be here at the church August 21st. Do you have any great ways to get LOTS of people to attend ($5 for tickets in advance, $10 at the door). Talk to Chris K. for more info on the band!