Saturday, April 17, 2010

Final Regional Bible Quiz::I&II Corinthians

After spending Friday night enjoying a car ride, ice cream at the Parlour, and a night of fun and games at Kevin's parents' house, our quizzers finished the conference quiz year out with a bang! 
The following pictures tell the story. 

There is one final quiz next month, May 7-8 in Indianapolis, IN. 
This is regional quiz--second only to Nationals. 

If you are entering 6th-12th grade in September 
and are interested in joining the Bible Quizzing program, 
please contact Kevin or Melanie ASAP.  
:::IMPORTANT detailed quizzing information posted after the photos!:::


::Ash & Michaela--come on, girls, you've got this!::

::quizmaster and Mel doing the scorekeeping thing::




::quiz team photo with coach Melanie::
Ash. Chris. Michaela.
photo by Dave Turner.

::hoping Katie wants to quiz with us next year! 
She's a great study partner!::

::girls being girls::
Mel. Katie. Michaela. Ash.

::2nd place Young Teen Rookie A division::

::Chris secured 1st place in Senior Teen Rookie Individuals::

Chris was awarded the 2nd place position on the "All Star Quizzers Team" for the 2009-2010 year. 
He placed 2nd overall out of 80 young teen (rookie and veteran) quizzers in our conference for the entire year. 
This is a HUGE deal! 
Congrats, Chris! We're so proud of you!

We will begin preparing for the fall season within the next couple months
and will need to know what numbers to be preparing for. 
Our next book of quizzing will be over the Gospel of John. 
(Check out the full line of quizzing products here.
Feel free to purchase any tools that would be helpful to you.)
Quizzing portions 
(the name of the pocket-sized books for quizzers containing only John)
will be ordered in the next two weeks. 
Most of our quizzers would like the Quizzers 3-in-1.  

This includes:
    * Color-highlighed portion. Because color conveys a lot of information, we have highlighted this scripture to identify people, deity, places, time, and numbers. In addition, unique words are bold, and Old Testament quotations are underlined.
    * Exhaustive concordance. Each word is listed along, with the context from each verse in which it occurs.
    * Useful study lists. Study lists include unique words, word pairs, word triples, divine names, named individuals, people groups, lists of 3 or more things, interrogatives, repetitive phrases, alphabetical listing of all verses, proper nouns, quotations, exclamations, ineligible ""Finish This Verse""; verses, geography, numbers, and a pronunciation guide.

We will use the Bible Quiz account to cover $4 of the total $8.45 (retails for $17 elsewhere)
You will cover the rest (and will purchase any other portions to replace a lost book). 

We will also purchase the voice recording of John to share with the students. 
This is a great tool for auditory (listening) learners!

Contact Kevin or Melanie by May 9th. 

***Special Note about Quizzing for Fall 2010***
  1. We will not have quiz practice during the summer.  
  2. However. All returning quizzers will be required to memorize ALL quotes during the summer.  
  3. New quizzers will be required to memorize at least FIVE (5) quotes during the summer. 
  4. We will be purchasing a special listening cd with just quotes recorded (for your listening and memorizing pleasure.) 

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