Sunday, March 28, 2010

TRUE love waits

True Love Waits. Teens! I need you to check these True Love Waits rings out and get back to me ASAP! Especially if you weren't at youth group tonight...if you want a ring, I need to know this week!

The girls have picked out THIS ring. (If one of your girls picks a different ring, let me know.) 
Guys....I'm looking at THIS ring for you. Or maybe you would be interested THIS one with the Hebrew word for Sanctification/Purity. I think that's pretty sweet. Or do you want to find something else or a necklace pendant or something? 

If you're wondering why in the world we're looking at these rings read this (Parents especially need to be informed of this!):

The past three Sundays we have been focusing our discussions on Relationships 101—working to help our teens understand God’s plan for dating and marriage.  We’ve examined how the secular culture tells us we should date and discovered the reasons for God’s high standards for our physical and emotional purity.  He wants us to be holy just as he is holy. In addition, He desires to protect us from the future negative consequences of our present choices.

To bring this series to a close, Kevin and I have presented the teens with the option of publicly proclaiming their decision to remain sexually pure until marriage. This will be a small “ceremony” on April 11th held during regularly scheduled youth group.  Parents are welcome to attend.  If, after serious consideration and prayer, a teen decides to sign the following covenant contract, we will present them with a True Love Waits ring. This ring will serve not only as a great reminder of their personal commitment but also as a conversation tool with their friends—giving them a great opportunity to share their stance on purity and possibly delve into the Gospel message. 

We are asking that parents discuss this decision with their student(s) and consider making a financial contribution toward the cost of their rings.  We are looking at sterling silver bands that will total approximately $25. Feel free to contact us with any questions as well as join us for the April 11th Covenant Signing.  

And be sure to check out this great song by Rebecca St. James. 

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Chris K said...

Mel idk bout the rest of the guys but im in favor of the hebrew one