Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet Josh!

So you've already met Amanda--one of our amazing new youth workers!
Now it's time to meet Josh. He just so happens to be Amanda's boyfriend. He's super cool and ready to introduce himself to all of you!

Joshua Edward David Kraus' tale began just over 23 years ago, in the epic year of 1987. It is hard to believe that a year so awesome (U2’s famous album “The Joshua Tree”, the creation of “The Simpsons”, and the release of the very first “Final Fantasy” game,) was in fact about to get even better. It’s been said that Mr. Kraus was birthed during the heat of an epic battle. Although this has never been truly confirmed, many say this is true due to the fact that Sir Joshua Kraus is destined for heroic grandeur.

Since this time, Sir Kraus has tried to live a life that would please Jesus Christ. Ever since he was a young man, he had always had the feeling that he was supposed to work with youth in one way or another. Growing up in church, Joshua has always had a close relationship with God; however he never really got involved with any type of ministry at his own church. Fast forward to present day. Sir Kraus and his fair maiden of 3 and a half years (Miss Carter) have kindled a love that the stars sing of. But then through a chance of curious fate, Miss Carter is reintroduced to friends from Spring Arbor, the Eccles. Eventually, both Amanda and Joshua feel God leading them to helping out with the youth group that forerunners Kevin and Melanie lead. And since, the rest is history, so to speak.

When Mr. Kraus is not helping out at youth group, he can most likely be found spending time with his inamorata, toiling away at his job, Little Caesar’s, or blasting away enemy SPARTANs with his comrades on Halo: Reach. On a professional level, Joshua attends Eastern Michigan University where he studies English, Psychology, and education. It is his goal to one day teach English at a high school level, and then hopefully at a college level as well. Sir Kraus’ favorite hobbies include basketball (watching and playing), writing either blog entries or fictional stories, gaming with friends (and foes alike), partaking (watching and filming) in motion picture shows, and of course writing bios in a third person narrative.

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