Friday, October 29, 2010

GIRLS: plan ahead

Next year's Women's Retreat (for the southern Michigan FM churches) is still a year away, but we should start planning NOW! This is the first year some of the sessions are going to be specifically geared toward high school and college aged girls and the retreat committee is encouraging moms to come with daughters. (The speaker is Jennifer Beckham--learn more about her here)

I would LOVE to have a group of our teens come to next year's retreat along with their moms. This is wonderful weekend--so much fun! There's plenty of time to spend time with one another all while spending time with God and experiencing His work in your life.
pampering. delicious food. special sessions. awesome facilities. great worship. and more! 

Mark your calendars for September 30-October 1, 2011
Cost is $99 for adults and only $89 for teens (if you register by August 1, 2011)! This includes lodging, food, and sessions. 

The retreat is held at the beautiful Gull Lake Ministries. There are great hotel rooms or condo style housing we can stay in (if we have 8 people). The more women attending from Monroe FMC the better the experience is for everyone--and the higher our chances our of winning an amazing prize basket for our group. 

So start saving now! Put away $10 each month and when retreat rolls around, you'll be all set! 
I'll be there--I hope you'll join me!

(For more info, talk with me or Pam Kaufman!)

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