Tuesday, October 19, 2010

teens! Light the Night!

This is a super awesome event our church hosts each year for families and kids from all over! Members from our church decorate their vehicle trunks, get dressed up in a fun costume, fill their trunks with baskets of candy and the children and go car to car trick or treating! How fun!

This year, the teens are in charge of a car trunk! Kevin and Mel are out of town for the weekend but we're going to leave our car parked at the church and ready for it's trunk to be decorated by all of YOU! So brainstorm, collaborate with each other, and bring your plans together by 5:30pm Saturday the 30th! 

We'll supply the candy and the trunk!
You dress up in your best costume and come with fun themed props to decorate the trunk!

I'm thinking Katie could make a big poster with our Spiritifire logo on it--but other than that, it's a blank slate for your great ideas! We need one or two of you to volunteer to coordinate everything--any takers???

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