Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting To Know You: Randomly

After having Amanda and Josh introduce themselves to all of you, we thought it'd be fun to have Josh, Amanda, Kevin, and Melanie answer some random questions about themselves. Here's what they said:
  1. If money were no object, where would you go on vacation?
    1. M: I would spend a couple weeks touring Italy, France, and the Swiss Alps. And maybe top it off with some time spent in Australia. 
    2. K: I would pay to have my computer moved to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica at Strawberry Hill, bring a pile of books, and play games and read up there with Mel...Strawberry Hill is probably the most fantastic vacation spot I've ever seen.
    3. A: If money were no object I would go on an extended vacation to Europe. I really want to visit Italy, France, England, and Ireland
    4. J: Assuming this question means anywhere in our nearest galaxy, I would have to say mars. If however for some reason though it simply means Earth, then I would say Pennsylvania.
  2. What's your favorite toothpaste?
    1. M: Aquafresh. Though I'm too cheap to actually buy it for myself.
    2. K: The kind that Melanie left in the drawer...preferably when she takes the time to screw on the cap all the way. On the other hand, I like new tubes, so you don't have all the crusty gunk on the ends...
    3. A: I like anything minty and whitening. I usually buy the one that I have the best coupon for! 
    4. J: Colgate… I like how old-school the logo is.
  3. If you had a surprise visit from friend one evening, what would they likely find you doing?
    1. M: I would be in my favorite sweatpants and over-sized sweatshirt, eating homemade popcorn, snuggling with my cat, and either reading or watching some tv. 
    2. K: Probably surfing the web or playing some computer games from my childhood...or reading...or watching TV with Mel. Or sleeping, since I go to bed at 10.
    3. A: Sitting on my laptop in my living room watching TV
    4. J: To my chagrin, most likely I would be wasting time on video games.
  4. What's your favorite tv show?
    1. M: Criminal Minds. And The Biggest Loser. And Gilmore Girls.
    2. K: At the moment, it's Bones...because I'm stoked about the new season started. But I'm also a sucker for Wipeout over the summer. =D
    3. A: Gilmore Girls!  
    4. J: Probably The Wire… it was Lost, but the series finale was so terrible it dropped down to the #2 favorite TV show spot.
  5. What fast food restaurant do you frequent?
    1. M: I'm a McDonald's girl through and through. Well, besides the Wendy's frosty. 
    2. K: If I could pick any'd be either Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, or Panera Bread. Please don't make me pick just one.
    3. A: McDonald’s… it’s weird that their pop tastes WAY better than any other, and their fries are the best too. I think it’s a strange conspiracy. 
    4. J: Taco Bell
  6. If you could have one talent that you don't already have what would it be?
    1. M: I would love to have a natural athletic prowess. But I'd also love to be an awesome photographer--that one could actually happen. Pretty sure I could never pull off the athlete thing.
    2. K: hrm...probably Mel's talent for making everyone like her instantly. I have no idea how she does it.
    3. A: I wish I were better at math and manipulating numbers. I’m terrible at mental math 
    4. J: Serious answer: To play an instrument of some sort. Funny answer: Teleportation
  7. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? 
    1. M: Adorkable. Defined as: both dorky and adorable. The state of being all dorks strive towards.
    2. K: Volatile
    3. A: Autumnal – I think my personality could be described by a season. Fall is usually a pretty mellow time of the year. I’m pretty mellow, but the leaves of the trees are always bright and cheerful colors. I’m usually cheerful… even when I’m in a bad mood I poke fun at myself. Fall always provides tons of things to do from haunted houses to apple picking. I’m always up for trying new things like food and activities. 
    4. J: Theophlianthropist
  8. If you could have a superhuman power, what power would you possess?
    1. M: I wish I had superhuman reflexes--mostly because this would save me from repeatedly injuring myself. 
    2. K: Flying. Lets be honest...if you can fly, anything else is just gravy.
    3. A: I would like to read books really really fast – like John Travolta in Phenomenon, without the whole tumor thing. 
    4. J: Either the ability to create any power or the ability to steal other people’s powers (like Mega Man or Kirby)
  9. What are your food obsessions?
    1. M: peanut butter. chocolate. ice cream. popcorn. apples. 
    2. K: I have an obsession with food in general...I'll ask Mel to make me a different thing every day...from Jambalaya to "Something with cheese and pasta" to anything else...I'm a very mood-based eater, my favorite food changes by the minute.
    3. A: Oh man. Of course McD’s coke and fries, and anything with chocolate and peanut butter. Lately, I’ve really been loving greek yogurt—Mmm… blueberry. 
    4. J: Pizza!
  10. If you were an inanimate object, what would you be?
    1. M: a paperclip. I'm straight-laced, a little uptight, and function best in organized environments. 
    2. K: an espresso machine...because nobody can be sad while using an espresso machine.
    3. A: Umm.. a candle? Candles are relaxing and they make me happy. Haha
    4. J: a shelf.
  11. What's your favorite time of day and why?
    1. M: I'm one of those weird morning people. No, I don't get up as ridiculously early as my husband, but I do prefer to be up early--before the rest of my time zone. I get so much accomplished in the morning.
    2. K: About 7 AM on a day I'm not subbing...I've been up for a bit, showered, and I have time to relax before the day actually starts.
    3. A: Early evening – I’m most alert and productive. Usually my Mom is home – or Josh and I hang out like on the weekends. So usually early evening provides some fun. : )  
    4. J: Probably later at night, like after 9 PM
  12. What do you get teased about a lot?
    1. M: I get teased for being a "paperclip." Most people don't understand why organized, Type A girls like me get so easily frazzled. 
    2. K: When I play video games, I like to do crazy make spreadsheets about all the possibilities so I can pick the best one.  Yes, that's right. While I'm relaxing and playing video games, I'm constantly doing mental math.  I am a geek at heart.
    3. A: Josh’s friends tease me about me a psychology nerd. : ( lol
    4. J: My accent/ diction when it comes to pronouncing words.
  13. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?   
    1. M: I have an alter ego. Early in our dating years, Kevin named her Maxine. She is sneaky. moody. ruthless. ridiculous. and even mean at times. Basically, she is everything the real Melanie is not. But she likes to rear her ugly head now and again.
    2. K: Depending on who it is...most people would be surprised that my life combines Music, Chemistry, and Youth work...any two is believable...but all three is just weird. =)
    3. A: People are usually surprised that I’m left handed. Also, people are surprised that I have super curly hair. That’s because I usually straighten it though.
    4. J: That I am very surprising… ha. Seriously though, probably that I actually do a fair amount of writing on the side.

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