Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dare2Share 2011

this just in! the lowest ticket price for D2S 2011 is $44 and that offer ends Friday!  Let us know by Friday morning if you want a ticket purchased for you at that price. Please get your money into us within a week, if possible. 

Dear Parents,

Teens today live in a challenging and oftentimes perplexing world, one where unprecedented opportunities and challenges await them at every turn. Still, this generation stands ready to change their world for the better. And as they step out to do just that, they need an unwavering, unstoppable faith in God that will help them live each day for Jesus.

Dare 2 Share’s weekend training conference is designed to help teens cultivate this kind of deep, immovable faith in Jesus that will last a lifetime. This year’s un. Tour is built around the powerful story of young David’s unwavering faith in God and his unstoppable determination to change his world by taking on Goliath (1 Samuel 17).  

Here are a few of the ways the Dare 2 Share (D2S) un. Tour weekend will impact your student: - Teens will catch a glimpse of how God chooses to use uncool people to accomplish His purposes.
Un.alone - Students will learn that they walk surrounded by the Trinity and are never alone.
Un.afraid - Students will learn how to face their own personal Goliaths.
Un.leashed - Teens will be motivated and mobilized to share the gospel with their lives and their lips. 

There is also a special youth leader breakout session, which is designed to help youth leaders like me learn how to mobilize teens to reach their generation for Christ. Dare 2 Share’s evangelism principles and strategies are built upon 19 years of experience working with youth ministries across the nation.

D2S is committed to providing youth leaders and students with resources to help them in their walk with Christ and in their efforts to share Christ with others. Check out the D2S website at You will find tons of free, culturally relevant resources there, as well as a variety of resources available for purchase to help deepen your teen’s walk with God and help them reach their friends for Christ.

As our youth group prepares for this challenging training conference weekend, I am asking you to pray for us! Pray for the students to be prepared to take the message they will receive and use it to transform their lives through Christ. Pray for the impact on their schools and communities! Pray we, as a ministry, will be used mightily in advancing His kingdom here in our city and beyond. Below are the details for the weekend. 

February 4-5, 2011

$44 until September 24th. After that $54 and then up to $69. (please contact us if you are having trouble paying.)
Lodging and food cost information is forthcoming (approximately $15 for hotel and $20 for food.)
Columbus, OH


Chaperones and Drivers needed! (These adults will need to purchase a ticket as well--OR volunteer for Dare2Share staff and get in for free.) Let us know ASAP!

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