Monday, June 29, 2009

Softball Awesome-ness

I don't know about you guys, but the softball game turnout last night really blew all my expectations out of the water! We were hoping for enough people to make two teams and boy! did we ever exceed those numbers! At one point I counted almost 60 people and I'm sure I missed some coming and going! Wow! Way to invite friends and family! Way to get involved! Everyone's participation made the event truly "sponsored by SpiritFire"--you guys owned every part of it!

Check out Softball Night Pictures here.

John, thanks for being the head grilling chef! We seriously couldn't have pulled the "food" portion off without you! You did a great job and I appreciate the fact that a teen was grilling instead of giving the responsibility to the adults.

Katie, thanks so much for all the picture taking you did. I knew I could count on you to capture some great moments. I'm so glad you were there cheering us on!

Shelby, despite the fact that you were royally upset you couldn't play the full game, you were an irreplaceable part of it. We needed you back there making calls and catching! And came out and took some great swings! Thanks for letting us run for you. :)

Travis, without your hard work in mowing and weed whacking and trimming we really couldn't have pulled this event off at all. Thank you dad for us too! You guys are really appreciated...especially for braving that heat last week!

Chris K, thanks for stepping up to help out with pitching and making calls and for being a great team player! Even the smack talk between you and your mom kept the game entertaining! lol

Chris F as well as John, Chris K, Katie and Heather and Brittney helped out a lot by coming early and helping us set up and staying later to help us clean up.

Kevin and I got lots of great feedback from this event and we're hoping we can pull something like this off again! What do you guys think?

I loved having all the teens and kids and adults intermingling and competing and talking and cheering and of course eating. That's what the church is meant to do--be ONE body (of Christ)!

As far as next Weekend goes:
-you and your families are all invited to The Eccles' 4th of July party!
1pm at the parsonage
bring some food to share
bring your own meat to grill
bring sporting equipment--we'll be playing lots of games!

-there is NO Sunday School.
-at this point we are still planning on having youth group Sunday night the 5th at 5:30pm. If something changes, I'll let you know asap, but there are so many weekends this summer that we have to cancel, I'm hoping to meet despite the holiday weekend.

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