Monday, June 8, 2009

a little bit of this and that. oh and it's almost Summer!

:::How's life? School is nearly out and I'm pretty sure if I were sitting next to you right now as I said "school is nearly out" you would shout for JOY! :D I hope you're holding out strong through these last few days! Keep doing your absolute best. And remember the end is in sight!

PS. I'm super proud of each of you especially where school is concerned. You work hard and I'm constantly impressed with your brilliance! :) Each of you have special areas of giftedness and I'm loving being a part of your lives as you discover those talents.

:::Have you been shining Jesus lately? Are you friends noticing those little differences in your life that point them to the only ONE who can change us to be like Him?

Are you in the Word? What are you reading right now? Guys, how is the book of Mark going? Girls, what books are you exploring? Are you loving it? Is it challenging you? What are you learning? How is your life changing because of it? Do you find yourself coming up with questions that need answering? Well...write them down and ask me (or someone else who has a knowledge of Scripture!)

:::Summer Camp anyone? Somerset Beach is the place to be. Here are the dates for youth camps:

Young Teen Camp I (grades 6-8) June 14-18
Senior Teen Camp (grades 9-12) June 21-25
Young Teen Camp II July 26-30
Young Teen Camp III August 2-6

If you have any questions about camp or about SBC or about summer or about life in general, you know how to find me. :)

:::Youth group is ON for this coming Sunday, June 13th! See you then!

PS. Anyone willing to bring a snack for all of us?????

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