Monday, February 2, 2009

Winter Retreat and such

1.  Thanks for hanging out at the "Souper" Bowl party last night!  We all had a blast...eating the snacks everyone brought, decorating amazing cookies, and of course watching the game!  

2.  Are you remembering to get into the Word? You know...the Bible, God's Word, Scripture.  Try to spend at least 15 minutes a day reading it, coming up with questions, trying to understand it, working through it, seeing how it can apply to YOUR life, asking God what HE is trying to say to YOU.  

And way to be bringing your Bibles to all SpiritFire events.  We won't necessarily use them every single time, but we want you to have them available so we can work together to understand the Bible and so you can get better and better at navigating through its pages.  

3.  Winter Retreat is THIS Weekend!  I'm pumped! :)  We'll be leaving from the parsonage at 5:30pm on Friday and returning on Sunday around 3pm.  Make sure you've eaten dinner when you arrive on Friday.  Oh, and lunch will be served at SBC on Sunday afternoon!  And triple check the packing lists I gave you all to be sure you have what you'll need!!  Any questions?  Ask me!

4.  Finally, I need to know your final decision about Dare2Share as of THIS Thursday!!!!   Thanks to everyone who has informed whether or not they are attending.  There are still a few people I'm waiting on so get back to me RIGHT AWAY! :)

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