Friday, February 27, 2009

Super Important Stuff

Dare2Share  Today I confirmed our hotel for Friday night, April 3rd.  If you'd like to check out all the Hyatt Hotel has to offer feel free to check out the website:
There's a continental breakfast (which means no money spent on breakfast Saturday!), a pool, a fitness center, free parking, and more! 

I was able to secure an excellent price for our rooms by booking on Hotwire.  The only thing that's not so great about booking this way is that the total cost is immediately charged to your credit card (instead of at the time you check in at the hotel).  

Sooooooooooo, I'm going to need you guys to pay up as quickly as possible.  If you are able to pay your registration THIS Sunday as well as the newly added hotel fee, that would be wonderful.  If not, we'll work it out. :)  (I have a bunch of letters already printed that you can mail out to friends and family to help raise the money!)  Here's the deal on the finances:

Registration fee:  $49 (unless otherwise noted to you)
Hotel fee per person:  $18
Food costs:  $25 (should be more than enough to cover your meals, but bring more if you eat a lot!)
Souvenir/Personal spending:  bring however much money you wish to spend or not spend on Dare2Share paraphernalia (look it :D)

Go ahead and have your parents check out all this information and if anyone has questions, you know how to reach me. 

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Katie snyder said...

YAY! CAN'T WAIT!!!!! As Mel would say "I'm PUMPPED!" lol. *EXCITED!* Talk to ya people l8r!