Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dare2Share, Winter Jam & MORE

1)  The most important thing right now is to check the previous post for essential Dare2Share.  Go there NOW! 

I need you to turn in your fees for Dare2Share NOW.  Kevin & I paid well over $300 from our own bank account and we really need to refill it asap.  Again, check the previous post for specifics on the finances.  (Your total due including registration & hotel is $67.  If you received a scholarship the total is $18 plus the cost of your registration.)

2)Lent started last Wednesday but it's not to late to join the season of preparation for Holy Week--remembrance of Jesus' death & resurrection!  Use the 40 days of Lent for prayer, repentance of your sins, and fasting in order to connect more intimately with Christ and learn to appreciate his sacrifice more deeply.  You can fast from tv. internet. desserts. pop. a certain video game. facebook. Anything that uses up most of your time.  Give that up for Jesus.  He gave up his LIFE.

3)  Mail your Dare2Share financial sponser letters THIS WEEK!  The more people you send those letters to, the more likely you will receive money to help with Dare2Share costs!  It's worth the cost of the stamp, people!  

4)  Chris Fenrich:  can you bring some snacks next Sunday?

5) Winter Jam concert information.  The concert featuring 7 different Christian music groups is Saturday March 14th @ 6pm.  Doors to the EMU convocation center open @ 5pm.  Depending on how many of you are interested we could probably go as a group and carpool.  Tickets cost $10 at the door.  Tell me THIS week if you're interested!!!!  

For more info check out this website:

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