Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clothes (and food) Drive

This idea for serving the community came straight from our youth group girls. Here's the deal: 
  • Clear out your closets. Get rid of clothes that are still in nice condition but that you don't wear or don't like. This goes for shoes as well. (Ask your parents and siblings to do the same!)
  • For every new piece of clothing you get this Christmas, get rid of at least one item from your closet. 
  • Bring your clothes to Melanie so she can keep them sorted as they come in. 
  • After the first of the year, we will contact shelters and other services to spread the word to those in need that we are hosting a FREE shopping day.
  • In addition to clothing, please begin collecting pantry FOOD items--pasta, pasta sauce, boxed dinners, canned vegetables/meats/soups, snack foods, etc. This way, we can send people home with some food in addition to clothing--the two most basic needs. 
  • And by doing it after the holiday, we will spread out the blessing. (Most people give to charity around Christmas, but giving dies down afterwards.)

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