Friday, May 28, 2010

Youth Group Tshirts

Super exciting news!!!

We officially have a Spiritfire design created by a Graphic Design Artist and we have receiving pricing information. I'm loving the design and I'm excited about the low prices offered! We have sizes and requests from a few of you already, but if you wouldn't mind please respond to this email (even if you've already signed up!!) Parents and anyone else interested are more than welcome to purchase Spiritfire gear as well!

So here's what we need you to do:

1. Check out the emblem that will be printed on black shirts/pants, etc.

2. Reply to me (by Wednesday) with the items you would like to puchase (tshirt/sweatshirt/sweatpants) and the sizes for each.

3. We will let you know when we need the money.

4. Wear your Spiritfire gear with pride. :D

T-shirts - $7.00 ea.

Hoodies - $19.00 ea.

Zip Hoodies - $21.00 ea.

Sweat Pants - $17.00 ea.

Pricing is for sizes Small – Extra Large add $1.00 for every x past xl

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