Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quizzing and BIG CHANGE in Summer Trip

Quizzing. We will be placing an order for our Bible quizzing materials Monday, May 17th. Be sure to talk to us before then to secure your place on a team for the Fall.  Your cost will be $5 (for your quizzing book/portion). We will be starting practices back up August 18th--the first quiz won't be until October 9th. And remember, we will be memorizing quote verses over the summer!  

Questions?? Talk to Kevin or Mel asap! 

Summer Missions. Our summer mission trip plans have taken many a turn in recent weeks. We were planning on attending LifeChangers but after surveying the group of teens, we were saddened to discover almost everyone had major schedule conflicts with the dates of this event. We started brainstorming alternative service project ideas and came up with this plan:

  • Where? Somerset Beach Campground
  • When? Family Camp--July 11th-16th
  • What? Full time volunteers helping the conference-wide family camp run smoothly! 

Here's the deal: Our church is having a potluck picnic out at SBC Sunday July 11th followed by an enormous baptism service for all of the churches participating. (SBC is a camp ministry of the Southern Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church located just an hour away in Somerset, MI--near MIS.)  After the service, families will say goodbye (OR set up camp for themselves!) and teens will set up camp on Kevin & Melanie's site for the week. Students will be full time volunteers during this huge camping experience. They will:
  • help college-aged counselors lead the children's morning VBS services. 
  • be ready and willing to help with any needs that arise during the afternoon.
  • work in the nursery or with children's church during each evening service.
In addition to working, there will be lots of opportunities for fun! Wednesday evening the teens will participate in the conference wide HUGE youth service--complete with campground-wide activities and worship.  They will have time for making new friends, enjoying the beach/lake, roasting marshmallows in the evenings at Kevin and Mel's campsite and more!  

We will need adult volunteers as well!  We would love to have one male and one female leader for this event--as Melanie is working in the SBC office and Kevin is working with the youth camp programming staff.  Kevin and Mel will oversee activities and projects, but having another set of leaders to keep tabs of the students would be totally helpful. Please contact us asap if you are willing to camp out with us for week! 

We don't have a quoted cost as of yet from the director of SBC, but we know it will be very reasonable. And we will get that information to you as SOON as possible! 

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