Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SBC Details (and a little quizzing)

Kevin & Mel's Summer Plans. In case you missed the announcement this past Sunday, Kevin and Melanie are going to be working at Somerset Beach Campground for the duration of the summer. Since substitute teaching doesn't exactly pay during the summer months, we needed to find alternatives. This is the perfect one! We'll be back every Sunday for church and regularly scheduled youth group. During the week, Melanie will be working in the office at SBC and Kevin will be working with the youth programming staff. SBC is the camping ministry of our Southern Michigan Conference of Free Methodist Churches--so we hope to bring even more awareness to our teens and families about this great camp!

You will still be able to reach us at our cell phone numbers and our email addresses. Contact us if you need that info! 

Summer SERVANThood Experience. If you didn't read all the details about our summer service week at Somerset Beach click here.  To nail down our plans, we're going to need your registration forms asap. If possible, return your registration forms (signed by a parent) by this Sunday, May 30th. If you need more time to decide, please let us know.

  • Pick-Up Times. We had had questions concerning "pickup times" at the end of the week. We would like invite ALL our parents to attend the Friday evening service at 7pm and then take your students home after they finish their nursery/kids' church duties. If you would need to just pick them up at the end of the night, the service will be over around 8:30/9 or you can make arrangements with us to pick them up earlier in the day. 
  • COST.  The camp is generously going to cover the costs of each student's lunch and dinner meals!  How awesome is that?!  This will leave breakfast for us to supply.  Each individual will be responsible for packing desired breakfast items. (i.e. cereal, granola bars, fruit). There will be a small amount of refrigeration available for storing milk or yogurt, etc if needed. Any questions on food necessities, let us know!  THIS JUST IN: ALL of your meals will be covered for each day we're at camp. This includes those adult leaders who attend with us. Praise God for his provision. This means a week of service at SBC is FREE! 

  • Help NEEDED! Two full-time adult volunteers are still needed to attend this week of service at Somerset. Kevin and Melanie will oversee activities, but with their job responsibilities, the camp would also like 2 other adults on hand for the students to check in with during their free time, to spend the night in the gender-specific tents, as well as to work alongside the students on any given projects (i.e. assisting in morning VBS, working where needed in the afternoon, working in the nursery and children's service in the evening.) In addition, these adults will be a great help to have on hand as our teens process their service and leadership experience. 

    Please please consider working with our teens for the week of July 11-16. Anyone over the age of 19 is eligible to help.  Your meal costs will be covered by the camp as well and you would be staying in the tents with the teens. 

  • For a detailed packing list as well as some important notes about dress code and essential contact info be sure to check out the SBC Service Week Packing List.
  • Directions to the camp can be found on the website here

Bible Quizzing: Materials are IN!  We can get you hooked up with the listening cd as soon as you get us a blank cd or your person mp3 player. And be sure to get us your $5 if you haven't yet!

SpiritFire Tshirts: We are going to be ordered youth group shirts very soon. They should cost between $7-10.  A fantastic design was submitted by our graphic design friend and the students who came Sunday loved it!  They will be printed on black tshirts. Please get us your tshirt size asap if you'd like us to order you one of these great shirts!

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