Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Voting:: yours matters!

If you weren't with us on Sunday then you missed out! We had some really awesome and intense discussions and debates over whether a person can believe in God and evolution at the same time...and then we ended off with a debate on abortion in the case of a rape. I told you it was intense!

The point of these conversations are to get you guys thinking. Everyone lives in their own little "bubble" of established beliefs, but we feel that everyone should also be challenged in their beliefs and learn of the other beliefs that exist. If you're having a conversation with an atheist or a Wiccan or an evolutionist, your opposition will be much more reception and respectful of your opinions when you make an effort to understand what they believe to be true. THEY have thought it through. Shouldn't you???

As we mentioned on Sunday, we want youth group to be a place where you can learn and discover issues that YOU are most interested in. What topics are most important to you? What do you wish you understood about the Bible? or about the origins of the Christian church? or about the opposite sex? Or about how to have real faith? Or how to explain your beliefs to your friend who just lost her dad to cancer? See???? Our topics for learning and discussion could be anything and everything!

So....let's do some voting! Give us your opinions. List one thing or twelve things. But they must be things YOU want to learn about.

possible topics might include:
church history
world religions (Islam, Buddhism, etc. or your choice!)
other church denominations (Jehovah's Witness, etc.)
Bible Study (any specifics of YOUR choosing--book studies or topic studies; Ezekiel, creatures spoken of in the OT., etc)
controversial topics (abortion, gay rights, genetic alterations, etc.)
teen issues (dating, peer pressure, sex, etc.)

ps. we're hoping to have the bonfire this next Sunday but either way we ARE having youth group. at 5:30. on Sunday, August 2nd.

pps. due to lack of interest, lack of transportation and the upcoming craziness of VBS week, we are going to cancel the trip to the Fest. Sorry guys. But here's the cool part. What if we have a great bonfire and possibly an over-nighter on the 8th? Then go to church on the 9th. :D thoughts on that?

ppps. bible quizzing needs to get underway quickly. Does sunday school time (9:50 on Sundays) work for those of you who want to quiz? Unless we decide on a different practice schedule come THIS SUNDAY to start practicing/preparing.

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