Monday, January 26, 2009

This is the Plan

1.  ***super bowl party***.  Game starts at 6 but be here at 5:30 for small group stuff.  :)  Bring bags of snacks and/or pop to quench the football munchies.  We should have chili to offer everyone as well!  Everyone is welcome to come...and if you don't want to watch the game (like me!)  you can play any of our games or help me bake sugar cookies for our Valentine's gifts.  Leave whenever you need to.  

2.  Dare2Share Reservations are due by next weekend!!!!  So I need to know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (like by Wednesday would be awesome!) if you are FOR SURE going to attend Dare2 Share.  You have Questions?  Your parents have questions?  Check out the website:  This site as answers to every possible question.  Remember $49. Let me know if you need financial help.  (I have applied for Dare2Share Scholarships for some of you who have indicated the need for funds.  I'll let you know what happens.)

call me:  734-384-0839
email me:

3.  Small Groups:  Thanks, everyone for your input!  After talking things over with Pastor Dale and with Kevin this is what we've come up with for now:  nothing on Wed. nights.  Instead we will begin our Sunday evenings with Small Groups At 5:30pm.  So just come a half hour early and we'll start off in separate guy/girl groups for a bit.  Then we'll get together for the "usual" snack, session, game, etc.  Sweet?  sweet.  

4.  Bibles.  please please please start bringing your Bibles to Sunday school and youth group!!  That'd be a great way to really learn how to read and understand the Bible--if you can have it in front of you to read with me.  I know it's hard when you're not familiar with a book and I don't expect you to be a Bible Scholar or anything. :)  But you can't learn what it means or where things are in it unless you open it up regularly.  So this week, start spending about 10-20 minutes a day reading the Bible...anything of your chosing would work.  Or you can start reading in Matthew so you're "ahead" of the lessons for upcoming youth group nights. :)  Also, I know the guys small groups are supposed to be reading Ezekiel.  Cool!  Hope you're on top of that!

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Katie snyder said...

I like the "new" small group idea! Looking foward to the party for the Super Bowl!!!!