Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunday School & other Stuff

An overview of "stuff":
  • Really cool thing starting!  The new Teen Sunday School Class!  Now there is a place for YOU to go during that Sunday school time at church!  Starting THIS Sunday, January 18th we will start meeting every Sunday @ 9:50am (probably in the youth room) until 10:30am.  Then of course, church starts @ 11:00am.  I really, really, really, REALLY hope you can make it this first Sunday!!!  We're doing a cool assessment that will help us all discover what our Spiritual Gifts are.  Every one of us has a different area of giftedness that we can have a part in the work of God.  Some of you may discover you are an encourager, or have teaching skills, or show mercy, or offer extra service behind the scenes.  The lists of gifts goes on and this is REALLY important to discover!  bE tHERE!
  • Last Sunday I passed out letters to your parents about Dare2Share.  Did you actually give those letters to you parents???  I hope so.
  • Also, I gave you a list of upcoming activities.  I hope you remember to put that sheet of paper on your fridge or something.  Here it is:
  • á     Winter Retreat @ Somerset  

    Friday February 6th through Sunday February 8th


    á    David Crowder Band Concert @ Spring Arbor         

    Thursday February 19th @ 7pm


    á     SAU Men’s Basketball Game rescheduled @ Spring Arbor   

    Saturday March 28th @ 1pm


    á     Dare2Share Chicago

    Friday April 3rd through Saturday April 4th

  • In other news, Chris Fenrich has offered to bring the snack for Sunday.  

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