Wednesday, January 21, 2009

important: Dare2Share info (and more!)

1.  First of all Small Group is tonight @ 7pm here at the parsonage.  Bring an open heart & mind.  We'll have plenty of time to talk and challenge each other and probably make time for some games & relaxation too!

2.  Dare2Share registration money is due in before February 4th.  It's $49 per person (the other costs such as hotel, food, and souvenirs will be due at a later date.) If you can ask friends and family to help you with that cost go out and do that right now!  (Remember:: I need your money in less than two weeks!)  If you do NOT have any way to raise that money, we have our youth group account from which I could draw some money to help you out.  No, there's unfortanately not enough to completely cover everyone's registration fee...let alone the additional amount for food & hotel...but we could help those who need it most.  Also I believe Dare2Share has some sort of scholarship fund for those who can't afford to come at all without financial help.  So talk to be BEFORE Sunday about your need and your plans.  

I need to know as soon as possible who is 100% sure they are going to Dare2Share!  Let me know BEFORE this Sunday!  (Make sure your parents are ok with you attending!)  

3.  You guys all did a great job filling out the Spiritual Gifts Tests.  Next Sunday, we will be spending time going over those results and what the point is of knowing your area of giftedness.  
4.  About the Valentine's gifts we would like to share with church members...I have already typed up a "love letter" if you will that we can all sign and then pass out to the recipients along with Heart Sugar cookies.  How does Wednesday night, February 11th sound for baking and/or frosting the cookies?  We could do it in place of small group.  

5.  A quick snack reminder goes out to Chris Kaufman.  Thanks, Chris for offering to feed us next Sunday! :)  

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