Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This just in:  SpiritFire youth are invited to the Eccles' parsonage on Monday night, December 29th @ 7:00pm.

We'll have pizza and probably other goodies.  Feel free to bring your favorite snack or a holiday plate of leftovers. :)  Also, this is a super casual party so come in your comfy clothes...sweats, pjs, slippers, hoodies, whatever.  Bring pillows or blankets or anything you'd like to have to make the movie night cozy. :)  (We of course have lots of blankets to share!)  So...a recap:

What?  Pizza Pajama Movie Night! (and CAKE for Shelby's birthday!!!)
When?  Monday December 29th. at 7:00pm (leave whenever you need to...if it gets super late I'll just kick you out!  LOL)
Where?  Kevin & Mel's house
Bring?  Yourself, your friends, and (only if you want) pillows, snacks, comfy-ness. :)


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katie said...

:] Love the new idea... Hmm... I wonder where you got that from... lol