Monday, December 22, 2008


Three cheers for Christmas break!!  As one way to celebrate (and keep the boredom from setting in) we are planning a MOVIE NIGHT!  At this point the two possible evenings are either Monday Dec. 29th OR Tuesday Dec. 30th.  Any conflicts with either of those nights?  We want as many of you here as possible!  

**get ready for pizza & a movie (to be voted on soon) and of course we'll have all the board games out and the ping pong and foosball tables are always open to you.  **

Reply to me as soon as possible and we'll PARTAY for the Holidays!  (oh!  and for Shelby's birthday!!! =D) 

1 comment:

katie said...

I LOVE that idea, and I'll give you another idea too! We should have a pj movie & pizza party! Lol (Can you tell I love my pj's?) Well I think it's a great idea even without my idea!