Monday, October 27, 2008


1)  First of all, you guys are AWESOME!  Seriously, I couldn't have hand-picked a better group of students!  Thanks for learning, opening, and growing with us!  We love each of you.

2) HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY TO KEVIN!!!  I love you. 

3)  LIGHT THE NIGHT!!::this Thursday::6:00-7:30.  Dressed up or not, we're gonna have a sweet time just playing games, eating candy, and hanging out (not to mention voting on the best kids costume of the night! *smile*)  Dress warm!  and come ready for a sugar high! :)  

oh yeah...and....John 3:16-17:::memorize it.  Click here to read the verse and print it if you want.

4) Operation Christmas Child:::how cool is this?  We have set a goal of 20 (that's right twenty!) boxes to pack full of great stuff and send off to little child on the other side of world...whose Christmas is going to be a bit brighter thanks to you!

Find items to pack your boxes with this week!  Small toys, new toiletries (toothpaste, soap bars, etc.), new crayons, pens, hard candy...

This NEXT Sunday, November 2nd come with some extra cash-ola and we'll buy out the Dollar Tree to fill our boxes to the brim of awesome-ness!! :)

5)  Katie's birthday is coming up!  Three cheers for November 1st!  We can't wait to try some of your bakery goods you bring to share on Sunday! :)  

6)  So, guys, anyone agree with me...that Kevin did a great job challenging all of us on Sunday??  He asked some pretty tough questions (that even I'm still working through.)  I don't think there's a right answer to many of those ponderings and I'm not sure we'll ever come to a final decision in this lifetime, but it is SO very important to think through the possibilities and reasons to why you believe what you believe.  

What would you die for?  Really?  Close your eyes and actually imagine yourself in that position.  What would you do?  What's worth losing your life over???

What are you living for?  Are you looking beyond THIS moment to the future?  What effects are your decisions going to have tomorrow? Next month? Ten years from now?  In eternity??

What makes YOU different from everyone else? How are you unique and special in God's sight?  Are you a Christian?  Do you really believe God loves you so much that He had his only Son come to earth and die in order to make you spotless and free from sin (since that's the only way we can be in the presence of a Holy God)?  Is your life showing others that your life has been and IS being changed because of Jesus' presence in it?  

THINK about it!  

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