Monday, October 6, 2008

New Posts, and satisfying my curiosity.

I was just wondering if more people checked this than are commenting. So if everyone could throw up a comment whenever you get around to checking this, I'd be all appreciative and such. That said, I got a half pass on my P-Chem cume test, which is actually better than it sounds.

Had a great time with you all last night, and I hope to see you all next week, so we can eat Travis's Pizza. (Yes, Travis this is part of your reminder...although I'm sure Mel will remind you about it with an email later)

But anyway, this is me with class starting, so till next time...


chris/kaufdrop said...

so is that a good score on your test or not lol well later

Melanie Marie said... answer your question...each test equals one point. Getting half of point is still good (way better than 0) and will go toward the total number of points Kevin needs to graduate.

kaufdrop said...

thats insane thx for awnsering