Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On Trial Runs

Hello, Friends!  As Kevin and I mentioned on Sunday, we have decided to start a youth group blog where you can stay current on events, keep up with the topics we are discussing, and stay connected to one another.   

This past week, we had fun making our way through the fields of Crot's Corn Maze and it was officially announced that I have been chosen to be your new youth pastor!  I must admit I am thrilled for this opportunity--I love all of you guys already!  However, this is a first time experience for me and I hope you will be patient as I learn how to lead you effectively.  My ears are always open to your questions and opinions and advice.  

Speaking of which...allow me to take a "rabbit trail."  We hope to open up a "Thought Box" that will be permanently set up in the youth room where you can write a question on a slip of paper and slide it in there without having to pose your questions publically.  If you leave a question in the box you can be assured that your name will never be publically announced.  

Ok, before I close this first official post of Spirit Fire, I wanted to remind you to come on Sunday evening prepared to have a great time getting to know one another through some crazy ridiculous games.  :D  Also, when we sit down for the more "official" part of our meeting together, we will begin a multi-week study that will help us all learn to focus more on developing a deeper relationship with Jesus.  It should be interactive and quite enjoyable (don't worry, if I get too boring and start rambling on and on and on Kevin will stop the madness!! ha,ha!)  

Pursuing Him,


Russell said...

Awesome job on the page. I think it looks awesome!
I'm lookin forward to sunday :)
Oh..... and.... FIST COMMENT!!

Megan said...

This blog is awesome! It looks so cool, and I can't wait for Sunday!

Kevin said...

fist comment...seriously? Travis, you're going to have to learn a little thing called "spellcheck." or "English"'s the new thing for the new milennium.

katie said...

It really does look cool. And Travis Kevin is right. But not trying to be mean. But anyways! Nice job on the blog!

chris/kaufdrop said...