Sunday, March 27, 2011

please note

important dates in the near future: 

Saturday, April 2: Scrapbooking and Crafting (of all kinds) Day @ Monroe FMC. 9am-8pm (leave as you need). $10 registration includes lunch. Moms, Sisters, Friends welcome! call the church to register. 

Sunday, April 3: NO youth group (Kevin and Mel will be out of town camping with the Eccles until Friday.)

Wednesday, April 6: NO Bible Quizzing (Kevin and Mel out of town)

Saturday, April 9: Church Cleaning Day! 9am-2pm (leave earlier if you need to)--Teens' Project is renovating the playground! Friends are welcome!!

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Brooke Trouten said...

Sadness :( No youth group... I'm going to be bored next Sunday... I'll just make all the Monroe people come to my house :)