Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Hour Famine THIS Friday!

Hey 30 Hour Famine Participants! We pray you are preparing your hearts this week for the weekend ahead of you. May God move among us and change us to be mission-minded, service-oriented followers of Jesus. 

  • The Famine will begin on your own at 12:30pm Friday
  • You will need to be at our house at 4:30pm Friday
  • The event will end with a banquet at Hillsdale FMC at 6:30pm. We should be home around 9:30pm Saturday night. 
  • Cell phones will be collected from the students. If parents need to get a hold of a student please call Kevin or Melanie.

Don't forget these items: 

  • Each participant must have a signed permission slip to attend this event. If you lost yours, print THIS PDF WAIVER.
  • Hillsdale is asking each student to bring $6 to help cover the cost of banquet food and the juice breaks throughout the event.
  • Don't forget to pack modest sleeping attire, a change of clothes for Saturday, a sleeping bag and pillow, a warm coat and gloves for outdoor service projects Saturday. 
  • Bring your sponsor envelope and collected donations!! If you don't have the full $30 raised yet, there have been a couple general donations for this event so talk to Kevin or Mel about meeting your goal. 

If you have further questions about this event, feel free to contact us! See you Friday!

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