Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dare2Share is HERE!

It's coming.
It's just around the corner!
Dare2Share: Blaze 2010 is only 12 days away!
Lots of important information has been going home with the teens.
Stuff like this (click to link to the documents.):

Kevin and I are both gearing up for this exciting event and we hope you guys are pumped too! It looks like we're going to have 10 students plus the two of us heading to Columbus for a memorable weekend. If you have further questions, please contact us asap.

Keep in mind that we will be meeting here at our home Friday (around 10:45) and leaving by 11am. We will return by midnight on Saturday. Parents are welcome to pick up their students at this time, but we are inviting everyone to spend the night at our house and just come to church with us in the morning.
And be looking out for the official Registration Form that will be sent home next Sunday (the 31st). Each student MUST bring a signed registration form with them on Friday before we leave (or sooner).

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