Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Things You Should Know About

Dare2Share. register with me by tomorrow (Friday Jan. 8th) for the $54 cost. after that it's $69. (And that's not including the $15 for hotel.) Seriously though. Check out the website. Find out more about D2S. Contact me with any questions/concerns.

Mission Trip 2010. LifeChangers. Detroit. You won't want to miss this opportunity.
What's it all about? Check this out for more info.
::Intensive work projects in Northwest Detroit in the morning. Home repairs. Demolition. Lot restoration.
::Student-led (that's YOU) Backyard Bible clubs for local kids in the afternoon.
::Moving worship experiences in the evenings. With great college students from SAU leading in song. Testimonies. Growth. Sharing.

COST: $150 for the week. That's an awesome price! Be on the lookout for upcoming fundraisers to help you cover this cost. And start talking with family and friends for support.

Let me know asap if you are for sure attending.
The date is still up in the air. Either July 17-24 or July 24-31.

And don't forget to check out pictures. Especially from 2006. I'm in lots of those. :D

Souper Bowl of Caring. coming to a charity near us. Salvation Army to be specific.
The weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday (February 7th) we will be collecting canned foods. On the 7th, the youth group will present the donations to Salvation Army.
Then we simply report back to the Souper Bowl Organization and let them know the size of our collection. Later on we'll find out how many teens across the country helped those in need.

Join millions of your peers for the biggest student led weekend of giving and serving in America!

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