Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recapping our Awesome Sunday and stuff for Next Week

1.  I forgot to ask if anyone would be willing to provide us with a snack this next week.  Let me know asap if you can.  Chris K, thanks for bringing a great snack this past Sunday.  

2.  This past Sunday we had 3 on 3 softball--that proved to be hard work, competitive, really hot, and definitely FUN!  Shelby, thanks so much for bringing your softball gear.  What does everyone want to play next week?  Softball again? (I like that idea!!)  or something else?  If I don't hear suggestions for next week's sport then I will plan on softball and ask all of you to bring whatever equipment you have--especially gloves!  We'll have to count on Shelby again for most of the equipment, but something tells me she won't mind too much. ;-) 

3.  child sponsorship forms will be available to you next Sunday.  If you believe this is a way God wants you to serve, then come prepared to commit to a monthly donation amount (decided by YOU...$1, $5, $25...whatever you can definitely give every month!)  

4.  After we cooled down from a very rousing game of softball, we all headed to the youth room where we had one of THE BEST conversations and debates and question time ever!  Kevin posed as our "Atheist friend" and our goal was to converse with him about our belief in God.  Challenging topics ranged from heaven and hell, to the purpose of our lives, to the reasons we go to church, and what if someone never hears the gospel.  

Everyone showed great participation, raised amazing questions, and respectfully debated one another's points.  This is a fantastic way to challenge and strengthen our beliefs (the whole range of them!) while learning what it could be like to have real conversations with our friends about "the reason for the hope that we have" (I Peter 3:15).  

Tune in next week (and hopefully many weeks to come) for more riveting discussion. 

Come prepared with tough questions and let's keep the conversations rolling!  I can't wait!

P.S.  Now would be a great time to start inviting your friends--whether they already know Jesus or not!  We're playing sports, eating snacks, and discussing topics that are most important to YOU!

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Katie snyder said...

:( awwwww me and megan missed it?! :( oh well. we're gonna have to catch up alot!!!!!! but it wont be to hard!

<3 katie