Friday, July 9, 2010

Schedule for Family Camp

Click HERE to view the week's detailed schedule. 

8-8:30  Breakfast (Cedar Center A-Frame)
9:30-12:00  Kids' Morning Programs (Fieldhouse)*
12:15  Lunch (Cedar Center)
1:00-5:00  Free Time OR Work Group Rotations** 
5:00  Dinner (Cedar Center)
6:45-9:00  Kids' Evening Service (Fieldhouse) 
9:30-10:45  Evening activities vary***

*Each morning from 9:30 to noon, the teens will divide and conquer--helping out in the kids' programs--nursery and elementary.  If their help is not needed during this time, they will head to the teen service which is from 10am-noon.

Division of leadership groups (morning and evening services): 
Nursery: Megan, Ashley, Brooke, Brittany and Michaela

Kids: Chris, Rob, Devan, Isaac, Harry, Katie

**Each afternoon, the teens will either be enjoying free time or they will be a part of the one group of 4 students "on call" if any need arises.  We will predetermine who will be in which work groups. Each group will be on call one afternoon for the week (either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday).

***This is our tentative plan for late evening activities:
Monday @ 9:30 bonfire at Kevin and Melanie's site
Tuesday:  free time until curfew (to be determined)
Wednesday:  HUGE teen service!
Thursday @ 9:30 bonfire at Kevin and Melanie's site
Friday: head home after the evening service

And again, check the Packing List!  Don't forget your s'mores. :D
For all the info on Somerset check their website:

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