Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shoeboxes & Wisdom

So who has been taking the challenge we gave on Sunday?
The "go without your weekly luxuries and save money to fill a shoebox for a child who desperately needs it" challenge.
Operation Christmas Child is an amazing experience.
You get to bless a child in a needy country on the other side of the world.
You maybe have a part in changing that child's life forever--if they believe the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is presented to them.
You may get to contact this child and learn more about them through letters.
You have the opportunity to challenge yourself.
To give up Taco Bell. To order water instead of pop when you're out to dinner. To save the money you might spend on that candy bar. or those french fries. or that nail polish. or those shoes. or that energy drink.
To save save save your money (or the money you normally spend out of your parents' wallets).
And to put that toward filling a shoebox.
Full of goodies.
Stuffed animals.
Hard candy.
Coloring books.
Soap bars.
And so much more.

So start collecting your shoe boxes RIGHT now.
Bring them in to youth group each week.
These can be real cardboard shoeboxes or the plastic ones from the store.
And in the meantime (between now and November 16th) start collecting items with which to fill these boxes.
If you buy things little by little it won't hurt your wallet quite as much. :)
You can start a pile in our youth room of the things you're going to fill your shoebox with.
And then we'll fill them and wrap them together.
Oh! And don't forget about the $7 cover charge that must be included.

Let's challenge the adults and bring in even more boxes than last year!

In other news don't forget our ongoing topic for discussion--wisdom and foolishness.
And be thinking this week about what those have to do with our friendships.
Next week should be quite a challenging discussion!
Be looking up more information in the book of Proverbs (near the middle of your Bible) on wise versus foolish.
KNOW what we're talking about!
Dig in!

If you have questions, you know where to find us!

P.S. I have officially booked our hotel for Dare2Share
It's amazing! Check it out here.

And please let me know ASAP if you or a friend has not yet registered for Dare2Share or would like more information!

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