Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Activities

Hey everyone!  Even though our May meetings are kind of few and far between (there IS youth group this Sunday!), I've been looking ahead to the summer months and trying to plan some fun out of the ordinary events for you and your friends to enjoy.  Here's what I'm looking into:

A day of service with the Jackson, MI mission agency called Together We Can Make a Difference
PuttPutt or Go-Karts or Ice Cream in Monroe
The Fest in Cleveland, Oh on August, 9.  It's a free music festival featuring Jars of Clay, Branden Heath, Matthew West and Nicole C. Mullens.  And opening for Jars of Clay is a Jackson area band called "Like Jonathan" and the lead singer is one of my friends!

I don't have any specific dates nailed down, but I thought I would give you all a look into the future and get your thoughts on these potential plans.  Would you love all of them?  Do you more or different or better ideas? Are there any specific weeks are that just plain "bad" for extra events (because your family is out of town or something)?  I'm thinking most of these activities will be during the week since you'll all be bored to death on summer break! ;)  Let me know asap and I'll be posting information as soon as possible.  

Don't forget to check the calendar of events posted in the right column.

And how is the Bible reading going?  Girls, have you picked a book to read through?  Does anyone have any questions?  Or comments? or insights into what you are reading?  Share! :)

ps.  Happy belated birthday to Shawn!!  Sorry we missed it


Megan said...

Katie and I will be out of town June 20-sometime...we're not sure. It's our grandfather's memorial service in Tennessee. But everything else sounds great! I don't know when I'll be able to do stuff though...I'm working over the summer at the bakery and possibly at the school...

Katie snyder said...

Hahhh... Megan beat me to the punch line... oh well. but yaaa... what she said! :) And I'm free pretty much all of summer... unless my friends want to take me somewhere... haha. but other than that I should be :)